It has been a while…

…but I have been working like mad on my PhD research.  I am anticipating completing my thesis in the next few weeks and then having a little time before I defend.

JW Engineering has continued to progress, especially over the past month.  After working on developing tools to aid in composite design, analysis, and manufacturing, JW Engineering is establishing a mission to build pathways between academia and industry.  More on this to come as I update and improve the website.

Thanks for checking in!

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AIAA complete!

The trip to Denver for the AIAA’s SDM conference was great.  We got some riding in, saw some friends, enjoyed some warm weather and had some great meetings and presentations.  I thought my paper went well and had a few good questions.  I ended up giving the same talk a couple times through the week and got great feedback each time.

I was also able to catch some very interesting papers mostly on progressive damage modeling.  I am not trying to re-invent the wheel and it was great to get some insight for the upcoming rounds of my research.  More on that later!

Keep an eye out for more information on the website; it should be forthcoming.  It’s good to be home with some time to catch up on some projects that were pushed to the wayside.

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